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Sky Diving
This one is for the true adrenaline junkies & thrill seekers among you. This event has to be done tandem with an instructor tied to your back. But they are not too heavy, honest. It starts with a briefing of how to control yourself whilst sky diving and landing. You will be paired with your instructor, supplied with a flight suit and googles, taken to the airfield, and board the plane (which usually has the door missing). Once at the correct height you will throw yourself out of the airplane & experience probably the most exhilarating event of all .

All Participants must be 18 or over.

This experience is not suitable for women that are pregnant.

You should be in reasonable health and have a reasonable
level of fitness.

This activity can be a single jump, 2 jumps or a whole day programme.
             1 Jump  2 Jumps  Full Day
Upto 10     25      35        50
10+             20      30       45
20+             17      26       41
40+             12      20       35
(prices shown are per person)
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