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4x4 Off Roading
4x4 off roadng on purpose made tracks. These tracks have water obstacles, high incline obstacles as well as jumps and drops. This is a high octane event for however far you want to push it. Experience wheel spinning and sliding these large vehicles in the mud. Races between two off roaders is also available. There are a few courses each on more challenging than the last, requiring more concentration & more skill. An instructor is on hand to help get the most out of this event & to tone your skills.

All Participants must be 18 or over.

This experience is not suitable for women that are pregnant.

You should be in reasonable health and have a reasonable
level of fitness.

This activity can be a 3 hour session, 6 hour session or a
whole day programme
                    3h        6h      Full Day
Upto 10     25      35        50
10+             20
      30       45
20+             17
      26       41
40+             12
      20       35
(prices shown are per person)
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