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Zorb's are big inflatable balls with a hollow centre section and a tunnel for access. The zorb courses are purpose built. There are different ways of riding in the zorb, two people can be strapped in opposite eachother or warm water is thrown in and two people fly around the zorb on the way down the hill, alternatively you can just ride the zorb on your own. This is a crazy upside down journey down the hill which will leave you wondering which way is up. A truly unique experience.

All Participants must be 18 or over.

This experience is not suitable for women that are pregnant.

You should be in reasonable health and have a reasonable
level of fitness.

This activity is based on a single roll/ride down the hill.
Up to 10    25           10+      20                  
20+             17          40+       12                  
(prices shown are per person per ride)
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